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    Need help to write an expression logic

    bhawna Agrawal

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement where I had loaded a table using an excel file into app.The data loaded have below sample schema:


      UserLoginApp_Instance_nameApp_Instance_StatusCreation date



      This is a sample data where same user will have account for AD, LDAP and exchange where status for thee accounts could be provisioned or revoked.


      Now I have a requirement where I need to create a chart to identify where if user has all 3 accounts in provisioned state then return 'true' else 'false'. based on the return value chart will be created.


      Now here I am facing below challenges:


      1. How can I check all 3 rows for same user and verify the status of it.

      2. What is the appropriate place to write the expression for above requirement. Do i need to create a variable or custom Master Item. Not sure about it.


      Kindly help me on this.


      Thanks in advance.