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    How can I load data for multiple files where I joined the tables based on key

    bhawna Agrawal

      Hi All,


      I have written a query in SQL database where multiple tables are used and they are joined based on keys. This query is working fine in oracle DB. I know that pasting same query in loading script will not work. Please suggest.Below is the SQL query for which data is excepted to be loaded.

      select usr.usr_login, act.act_name, usr.usr_start_date, app_instance.app_instance_name, ost.ost_status, oiu.oiu_create, usr.usr_create from usr, oiu, ost, act, app_instance where

      usr.usr_key = oiu.usr_key and

      oiu.ost_key = ost.ost_key and

      usr.act_key = act.act_key and

      app_instance.app_instance_key = oiu.app_instance_key and

      act.act_name in ('<XXX>') and

      to_date(usr.usr_create ,'DD-MON-YY') >= '01-OCT-18'



      Thanks in advance.