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    greater in expression combined with qsVariable

    patrice salem



      I'm setting up a Qlik report, using Qlik Desktop and the the qsVariable extension.

      It works great except for an expression where I'm trying to use a > or < comparison


      The following works :

      sum({<Week={$(VCurrentWeek)}>} qte_commandee)


      As soon as I try to replace the = by <=  (lower than), no data appear in my analysis :



      I have also tried


      and many other trials...with no luck

      At the same time, I have tried to transform the Week field and the VCurrentWeek into a numeric value (num#) since all my weeks are formated on two digits

      the week field is populated in this way : num(week(order_date),'00')

      The $VCurrentWeek is : num(week(now()),'00')

      So, I gess the first error comes from the proper use of <= in the expression.

      I also guess that I will need to transform the week number filed and variable into a numerica value

      How can I do ?