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    Compare two years sales data for selected month with total one year

    Deepti Rana

      I want to know how to compare 2017 year sales with 2017 year sales for selected month. For example if the total sales in 2017 is 7879 and I have two columns for sales one should show 2017 sales complete and other should show total sales for selected month from start of the year so that we can see how much we achieve by that month.

      selected year : 2017
      Selected month : April
      Total sales of 2017 : 7879
      Total sales by April : 4000
      Output :
      2017 | 2017 YTD
      7879 4000
      This is just 2017 , i want to do it for 2018 also
      so basically there will be 3 columns 2017 total, 2017 YTD, 2018 YTD
      and which ever month should be selected , it should give the dymanic values for 2017 YTD and 2018 YTD and 2017 total should still show the total sales for complete 2017