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    Question on filtering when {1} is used

    Øystein Kolsrud

      I have a table that looks like this:


      EmployeeSum({1} Sales)


      If I select 'A', then the table will remain unchanged as the use of {1} overrides my selection. But if I add the "total" keyword to the measure, then a selection of A gives me this filtered table containing only one row:


      EmployeeSum({1} total Sales)


      How come the filter is applied to the second table, but not the first? And if I add both measures to the same table, then I get this result that is also insensitive to selections (all rows are shown no matter what I select).


      EmployeeSum({1} Sales)Sum({1} total Sales)


      What are the rules that guide when a certain row is present in a table when such set modifiers are used?