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    Compound filter

    Luis Carmona Martínez

      From the following post from    swuehl


      Compound Search - demystified


      I was wondering how those  STAR filfers "*" can be applied to SET ANALYSIS.


      Specially the one that match the following example from that post


        • AND operator '&'
          Using this operator, your compound search will return values that match both first and second search, obviously, this does only make sense if you are using wildcards:




      I tryed to use the following filter for SALES MEASURE, but it din´t work.


      SUM ({<DIMENSION1={"*New*&*rk*"}>} SALES)



      Can any one help me that? Expected filter result is as the one provided above. Just filter strings that have both New and rk at the same time. Please only provide Qlik Sense Set Analysis solutions, I can´t wiew Qlik view apps, thanks.