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    Question: Howw to Sum Volume * Cost and Volume * Selling Price

    Hin Lok Lam



      I am trying to create a "measure" in Qlik Sense Data Load Editor, and i have the following data set in my data load already.


      In order to find out my total revenue, i have to use Selling price *Volume? Is there a formula which i can do that in the data load editor?


      EG: How to get to total sales of ABC product in Aug ($49.50 * 88000 units)?


      ProductFamilyCodeProductFamilyLabel                          Price                  ThePeriod
      ABCABC ProductSelling Price49.58/1/2018
      ABCABC ProductVolume880008/1/2018
      ABCABC ProductTotal Cost per unit258/1/2018
      ABCABC ProductRaw Material158/1/2018
      ABCABC ProductOther material & packout108/1/2018

      Thanks again.