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    Qlikview performance issue in AccessPoint

    Hasan Arif Khan

      Hi All,


      We have developed sales dashboard for our company but now facing performance issue. The dashboard is taking around 15-20 seconds to perform calculations. Expert opinion and suggestions are required.


      Hardware Configuration:

      Processor: Intel Xeon CPU E5-2650 v3@ 2.3GHz (20 cores with 40 logical processors)

      RAM : 224 GB


      The server is not fully utilized as CPU and RAM does not reach peak value. We are using single FACT table with multiple dimension tables and autonumber is applied on all key fields.

      The records in FACT are 98 Millions. The data model is attached for reference.




      Hasan Arif Khan.

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          Marcus Sommer

          Which kind of expressions are used? Simple sum/count(FIELD) should be quite fast but by using (nested) if-loops, aggr() or interrecord-functions in large tables it could slow-down an application quite heavily.


          - Marcus

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            Diego Menon

            Dear Hasan,
            I have a similar server configuration, 48 cores and 512 GB of RAM.

            For my experience in this case the problem is not the "brute power" of the server but the data model, I would try to reduce the levels of the related tables.

            I've seen more than 1 levels cause performance impacts. If possible try moving table fields: "distributionHyearchy, distributors, gandola, gadgethierachy in the table of the top level and check the response of the dashboard.
            The use of the set analisys in any case slows down the output.

            Sorry for my english and give me a feedback ;-)