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    Trended Inflation Data

    Daniel Emery

      This seems like it should be straight forward, but this is the first time I've used Qliksense so I'm still learning the syntax. I've attached a screen shot of my data. It has four fields:

      Inflation Dummy Data.PNG


      I want to create a graph that shows year of year labor inflation. So for 2016, the value would be:


      ((Sum(Wages) where Year = 2016)/(Sum(hours) where Year= 2016) -

      (Sum(Wages) where Year =2015)/(Sum(Hours) where Year=2015)) /

      (Sum(Wages) where Year =2015)/(Sum(Hours) where Year=2015)


      2016 would, in theory, be replaced with the Year from the dimension and 2015 would be replaced with Year-1.


      The end result would look like this, where I've just loaded the data as final inflation numbers.


      Qlik Chart.PNG

      Any advice would be appreciated.