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    Satish Kurra



      I'm having the below requirement


      1. User should be able to see all States data

      2. User should be able to see City specific data and a view with no filter on dimensions (State and City). In this way the user will be able to see all data but will not know the Revenue city wise


      I'm good with straight forward scenario 1


      For Scenario 2, as an example user should be able to see the Revenue for Chicago and the total revenue with NO City filter. In this way user will know the revenue for the city assigned (Here Chicago) and also the Total Revenue but do not know the Revenue for other cities.


      Sounds strange.


      But this is the requirement.


      Do we ever face this kind of requirement ?


      So far i used hierarchy based security to reduce data on row wise. With this approach i cannot achieve scenario 2 as the data reduces to Chicago with row based hierarchy approach.


      Please help.