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    Tildes and accented words

    Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

      Hello everyone,


      I'm using the Community from time to time in mi Mac, browsing it with Safari, and something odd happens whenever I try to use an accented word. As you already know, you first type the accent key, then the vowel you want to accent.


      Well, if I do it really quickly, almost at the same time, the letter is accented. In my usual typing, this doesn't happen, and all the words end up as "acci´on" instead of "acción", "resoluci´on", "instant´anea" and so on. You see, the symbol preceding the letter.


      This doesn't happen on Windows, regardless the browser I use.


      Is this something wrong in Safari (likely) or is there any setting that prevents accentuation (weird, I know, but I don't know)? If that matters, It's irrespective of the version of Safari I'm running.


      Something with different locale config is experiencing the same?




      Miguel Angel Baeyens

      BI Consultant

      Comex Grupo Ibérica


      EDIT: Using same Mac but browsing with Chrome writes OK.

        • Tildes and accented words
          Sara Leslie

          Thanks for your research on this topic Miguel,


          I did a quick search and it looks like is a Safari/Community platform bug.


          Unfortunately I think it will likely be an issue which Apple's Safari team would need to address. I will be sure to log this in our tracking sheet.


          Just to reiterate that your are experiencing issues with accents on words for example which end up as "acci´on" instead of "acción", "resoluci´on"


          A few questions-


          1. Can you tell me what verion of Safari are you using?

          2. Also are there any type of translator tools/blug in's that may be interacting with your session?


               So for example Google has a translator which I have installed in my browser which automatically translates      content to my language of choice but I can also update to a different target language.


          3. Have you experienced this issue with any other special symbols?

          4. Are you reading editing the content only in English, Spanish or is there another language in which you are experiencing this issue?


          Have a nice day and thanks for sharing, its possible other users have experienced the same issue and its always good to track bugs.

            • Re: Tildes and accented words
              Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

              Hello Sara,


              Thanks for replying:


              1.- Safari's version 5.0.5 Mac version (latest version as far as I know). It doesn't happen with the Windows version 5.0.5

              2.- There is no extension nor plugin running. No translation software nor something similar.

              3.- It happens with all the non - extended ascii characters: circumflex, tilde, accents with my keyboard.

              4.- I'm using the english version of the site as set in my preferences. It happens likewise if I set them to Spanish.


              I'm afraid this is something related to Mac version of Safari as well, because it doesn't happen with any other browser. Anyway, this doesn't happen in any other webpage I've browsed so far...


              I'll keep you posted if I find something new. I will contact with the Apple support people and ask in their forums.


              Regards and welcome to the QlikCommunity!


              EDIT: Keeps happening with the new Safari version in Lion


              Miguel Angel Baeyens

              BI Consultant

              Comex Grupo Ibérica