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    Loading multiple excel files with similar structure but minor differences

    Avantha Seresinghe



      I am trying to load a set of excel files with the exact same field heading structure but with a key difference between two sets of files

      All files are in CSV format. For simplicity assume the column headings are, CustomerID, Date, Sales amount, Address, phone, email

      1. Some have  '~' as a separator and i use  FROM [lib://path/*.csv] (txt, codepage is 28591, embedded labels, delimiter is '~', msq) to load these

      2. For some files however the 'text to column' has allready been done and therefore i cannot use the above 'FROM' statement (i.e. the data is allready in tabular format in the CSV file!)


      A. My questions is, can i adapt the script in #1 above o accomodate #2....

      B. If A is not possible, is there a way to write two seprate scripts but still get the data into one table

      C. IF a and B do not work, can i load into two separate tables and later combine these tables into a single one? How can i do this wihtou generating a synthetic key?


      Thanks in advance