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    How do I make good use of "Sections" in the data load editor?

    Henrik Roikjer

      Hi all,

      I wanna develop an app regarding customer complaints.

      I have a few questions I hope you can help me with.



      Is there a smarter way to use "sections" in the data load editor.


      In Qlik Sense Data load editor, I have been using the main script where I added something like this:

      IF([Warranty situation]='202-BILL-Exchange' or

      [Warranty situation]='202-BILL-Loaner' or

      [Warranty situation]='235-BILL-Returned to Stock', 'Warranty',


      and statements like:

      "Customer complaint number as CCN" for 2 different uploaded spreadsheets.


      Is it possible for me to create a new section where I have all my "IF" scripts and statements and then another one called "load data" where I just reload my data?


      Thanks in advance !!


      Best regards,

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          Rob Wunderlich

          The division of the script into sections has no effect on what script gets executed.  Dividing script into sections is analogous to the pages of a book.  It just makes it easier to read and manage but the result is the same.


          It's common practice to add no script to the main tab.  And then create a new section for each table you are loading. Other common sections up front are "Vars" where you define variables that are used later in the script.