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    kpi using rank convert to use as table measure agaist a dimension - qliksense

    Joanna Seldon



      I have the following in a kpi


      Sum({$<RankNo =

      {"=rank(Only({$<OrderWeekFlag = {1}, [DeliveryDate] = {'>=$(=vMinDeliveryWeek)'}>


      <OrderWeekFlag = {1}>}RankNo))


      $(=sum({$< [DeliveryDate]= {'>=$(=vMinDeliveryWeek)'} , OrderWeekFlag = {1} >}[HasOrder]))

      "},OrderWeekFlag = {1} >}




      I need to use this now in a table as a measure, with the dimension 'Department'


      but the numbers are not working because of the rank within the expression. I have tried to use aggr... Aggr with total... in different places within the expression with no joy


      I get different numbers when used in the table for each department. but when I click on an individual department e.g department 'Kitchen' it drills down to the correct number


      any ideas please team