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    Question on today() syntax

    Daniel Howland

      Good morning.


      I'm struggling getting my KPI chart to automatically show data for today only.  If I set up Filters and manually select today it works, or if I hard code in today's date in the expression it works.  I've tried various ways to get today() to work but all I get is either 0, or - as the result.  This is what I have currently and it works correctly: 


      count({1<[omdDeliveryDate.autoCalendar.Date] = {'9/27/2018'}>} omdPartID)


      I've tried replacing the date with: {today()}.... ${=today()}....and various others but am not getting the results I need.  I don't want the users to have to select the date from the filter panes but rather have the chart update automatically each day.  What am I missing?