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    Count dates where expression is below an input variable.

    Ali Ahmad



      So I have a app where I am trying to have a % calculation that I compare to a % set by a range slider. If it is below the slider I want to show it, or else I don't want to show it. I have that so far:




      Now what I want is I want to count how many days there are that are below the InputVariable from the slider:


      Here is a very simple version of the calculation:




           Sum(Amount) / 7,5 <= $(vInputVariable),




      So now I want to count how many dates this is happening for also.

      I've tried with:

      Sum(Aggr(IF(Sum(Amount) / 7,5 <= $(vInputVariable),1,Null()),Name,Date)) but that won't let me remove the 0 values.

      Any suggestions?


      Ali A