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    Find characters in string

    Syahfira Zakaria

      Hi Qlik Community


      I need help so much on this. I tried so many ways but still I couldn't manage to fix it as am a real beginner in Qlik Sense.


      This is my code that I create in script load editor in Qlik Sense.


          IF("Clrng doc." > 0, 'PAID & CLOSED',

            IF("Clrng doc." < 0 AND "Doc. No." > 0, 'POSTED - TO BE PAY',

              IF("Step description" = 'GR', 'GR ISSUE',


                  IF("Step description" = 'APPROVAL', 'PENDING APPROVAL',

                    IF("Step description" = 'BU REVIEWER', 'PENDING BU REVIEWER',

                      IF("Step description" = 'TAX REVIEW STEP 1', 'PENDING TAX REVIEW',

                        IF("FI / MM" = 'MM' AND "Purch.Doc." < 0, 'MISSING PO',

                          IF("Clrng doc." < 0 AND "Doc. No." < 0 AND "Purch.Doc." < 0, 'NOT STARTED',

                            IF("Clrng doc." < 0 AND "Doc. No." < 0 , 'UNKNOWN')

                            ))))))))) as [Invoices Status]





      My issue is on the "Step Description".

      If the "Step Description" contain any word that called 'GR', the [Invoices Status] will have 'GR ISSUE'.

      That's how I need to fulfill for the rest of "Step Description" condition.


      The output that I got for this script is only for,




      I do not know how to find the characters that I want in a string in Qlik Sense scripting.


      Thanks so much for helping me out. I appreciate it so much.