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    Conditional Check on a One-Many Relationship

    Manikantan S

      Hi All,


      I have 2 tables with One - Many Relation ship.


      Table 1 - Contains ProjectID, one row per Project ID

      Table 2 - Contains Project ID, Multiple rows per ProjectID with different values of completion % i.e a project ID will have multiple rows with different values of Completion %.


      In a table in Qlik Sense, i create a column called 'Completed' to identify if a project is completed or not i.e. if for a Project ID, there is a row with completion % 100, it is complet.


      =If(CompletionPercentage = 100, 'Y', 'N')


      If i use the above expression i get 2 rows for each Project ID, one with value Y and one with value N.


      I understand that each row in the second table is being checked.


      Is there any other way to achieve this requirement?


      Yours Truly,