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    How to combine two tables that are unrelated to each other except for dates that aren't the same. And being able to reference the original dates afterwards.

    Kelvin Ng

      Hi All,


      I know this question has been discussed multiple times and I've read many posts on this but none of the previous discussions have helped. The closest one was Master Calendar using 3 datefields in 2 seperate tables without a common key but there wasn't a final answer. Similar to the previous post, I have 3 date fields in 2 separate tables without a common key. The two date fields that are in the same table are start and end dates. I need to be able to reference back to these exact dates for this master calendar to be useful. I was successful in creating a master calendar and linking it to all three fields by renaming them the same name "MCDate". However, I've lost all the original dates of the start and end dates as they've become a master calendar. Is there any solution to this? Am I even on the right track?


      Many Thanks,