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    Section Access

    Deepak K M

      Hi All,

      I have 3 users, one with admin and other 2 guest user.

      Both the users should be able to see only their country data, how to achieve this using section access.

      If i have to share this to customer, how to achieve the same using api?

      for eg:


      This is the load inline i'm typing, but i see nothing changes. all the 3 access to see all the data.

      How to achieve this, can anyone help me out in this.

      Also i have one more field on which filter needs to be applied

      guestuser1 should see brazil data and should see only product A details from brazil area.


      Also how to allow the guestuser1 to see sheets 1,3,6 inside app

      and guestuser2  to see 2,4,5 within the same app.