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    How to split data by timestamps

    Luis Duarte

      Hi everyone,


      I'm having an issue I've not been capable to turn around.

      My data comes aggregated from DB in different timestamp buckets according to its aging (Daily, Hourly and 15Min buckets) but the output/look for analysis in a Line Chart is not the desired one from the user perspective.


      For instance if the time-base for the chart is in days it is fine... issue starts when user wants to view in hourly basis: 15min values are aggregated to hours (no prob) but daily data should appear split by hours and values divided by 24 (hours in a day); worsens when the user wants to see the time frame in 15min buckets... Daily data should be distributed in 96 samples of time and hourly in 4, by each record.


      the idea is to make the line smoother and align values to the time frame in analysis as in continuous axis the look of it can be deceptive and give wrong interpretations on possible issues.


      What is the best way to manage this without duplicating values in script has the all data have some millions of records?


      Thanks for your help.