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    =if((x_state) <> 'X',sum({<component_code <> {X_COST}>} quantity),'0')

    Peter Gustafsson



      Need to have help to create the correct formula in QS..


      What I would like to calculate is the sum for all components not having x_state set to 'X' and all quantity for all components except for a component code 'X_COST'.


      any idea how to solve this?


      OK formula is

      =if((x_state) <> 'X',sum(quantity),'0')

      but when adding the wanted excluded item 'X_COST' I fail with the formula...


      NOT OK formula:

      =if((x_state) <> 'X',sum({<component_code <> {X_COST}>} quantity),'0')

      The formula is OK when I switch/change the component code <> to = but I would like to do the opposite...