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    Set analysis

    Mahitha M

      Hi Experts,


      Can any one please help me on below requirement.

      In the below attached app ,In Month end Trend chart need to get 75,836 value instead of Zero. I have included the formula in the application in this chart.




      The values are coming like In Jul Month Max Reporting date is 19/07/2018 that date value 75,836 need to show on trend same for aug.

      For aug getting correct value as max(date) value.

      Jul max date.png

      Aug Max date.png





      Please help me to show all the months Max(Date) values by default.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Andrey Krylov

          Hi.Try this expression

          =Sum(Aggr((Sum({<Type={'A'},Date={$(=Chr(39)&Concat(DISTINCT Date(MonthEnd(Date),'DD/MM/YYYY'), Chr(39)&Chr(44)& Chr(39))& Chr(39))}>}Amount)* Avg({<Date={$(=Chr(39)&Concat(DISTINCT Date(MonthEnd(Date),'DD/MM/YYYY'), Chr(39)&Chr(44)& Chr(39))& Chr(39))}>}A1%)),Date,Dept,Branch))

          or the same but a little bit shorter

          =Sum(Aggr((Sum({<Type={'A'},Date={$(='"'&Concat(DISTINCT Date(MonthEnd(Date),'DD/MM/YYYY'), '","')&'"')}>}Amount)* Avg({<Date={$(='"'&Concat(DISTINCT Date(MonthEnd(Date),'DD/MM/YYYY'), '","')&'"')}>}A1%)),Date,Dept,Branch))

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            Gabor Tarnoczai

            Hi Mahita,


            I can suggest you to create a flag in the load script, that indicate the last day of month, the max([Report Date]) returns the max date of the whole application, not by dimension.



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              Mahitha M



              I have found the solution.

              Below Expression is working fine.