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    Current month, prior month

    Ugur Arslan

      Dear all,


      a very simple question where I struggle already for a few days.


      For the current invoice month I use [Invoice Year Month]={'$Current_Month_YYYYMM)'}.


      Question, how can I get prior month or two months prior?


      I tried [Invoice Year Month]={'$Current_Month_YYYYMM)',-2}. but it doesn't work.


      Please help me.



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          Justin Dallas

          Hello Yogurt,


          Just a few questions, is [Invoice Year Month] in the format of "YYYY MM" as in "2016 08"?  If so, you would have to convert it to a date:


          Date#([Invoice Year Month], 'YYYY MMM')


          Then take that date and subtract two months


          AddMonths(Date#([Invoice Year Month], 'YYYY MMM'), -2 )

          Then, convert that to your format

          Date(AddMonths(Date#([Invoice Year Month], 'YYYY MM'), -2 ), 'YYYY MM')

          So you should get something like this

          COUNT({<[Invoice Year Month]={"$(=Date(AddMonths(Date#([Invoice Year Month], 'YYYY MMM'), -1 ), 'YYYY MM'))"}>} [Invoice Id])

          I'm not sure about the set analysis syntax though.  Hope this helps.