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    Total Aggr

    Taieb Romdhane


      I have a question I have a table  my problem is to find the right formula to calculated   the right qty net sold to calculated the kpi qty net sold vs forecast

      my formula is to calculate qty net sold is

      =((max(Total {<Version> } aggr(sum($(ctxt_Default_Current)[Qty Net Sold]),Version)))

      for information the field qty net sold is on a fact table retail the field forecast is on fact table forecast the both table are concatenated on one fact table 

      and version is only a field  on the forecast table the area sc is on the both table forecast and retail  I would like to find the right formula with the Area sc because right now the result is right only on the total but in other rows is false because the qty net sold is the same on the all rows.

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      thank you