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    How do I make a table that automatically shows the previous day's values or a specific day's values?

    Jesse Correa

      I'm trying to create daily snapshots of the values of various projects, as they change daily. Currently, the database I work with only stores monthly snapshots. I need the ability to see the amount that the values change from day to day.


      I currently use a table with a row for each project and a column with their values for each month as well as their current values. There are too many projects to manually copy the values from the current day into a new column to compare them to the next day's values.


      How do I make a column in the table that automatically shows the previous day's values? Is there a way to pull the project values for a specific day without having daily snapshots stored in the database?


      This is the current script for the project value (LE):



           [Snapshot Type]={'LE'},




           //[Direct Indirect Flag]={$(=$(vDirectIndirect))},

           [Default Type] = {$(=$(vCFType))},


           [Report Currency]={'$(=$(vSelectedCurrency))'},

           [SC Finance Filter]={1},



           [Finance Amount]*$(vCurrencyConversionKPI)