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    P Kumar

      Hi Every one,


      Can any one please help me on below requirement.

      The below chart is build with Two Measures like below

      Joiners = Count({<[J Flag]={'Y'}>}Distinct ID)

      Leavers= Count({<[L Flag]={'Y'}>}Distinct ID)




      When I have filtered this chart based on Group field by Dev record getting result as like 2nd chart. Feb 2018,Mar 2018, Apr 2018 and Jun 2018 months are hiding because there is no Y flag related Ids. In that case I have to how no data months with zeros to get the trend.



      Please help me to write the if logic for joiners like below.

      By default need to show Joiners for all the months like chart 1 by using below expression

      = Count({<[J Flag]={'Y'}>}Distinct ID)

      when user selects Dev Group it has to show like

      if(Getselectedcount(Group), Count({<[J Flag]={'Y'}>}Distinct ID),'0')

      Please help me on this.

      Thanks in advance.