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    Qliksense - creating a measure only if values exist in other dimensions

    Timothy Arvind

      Dear Qliksense users,


      I'm stuck in creating a measure for a project. Let me try and describe it best.


      My dataset has 4 Fields/Dimensions - ObjectID, LocationID, Date, Type


      A03348loc07525th Jan-
      A03349-6th FebB
      A03350loc06497th Mar


      A03351loc60508th AprD



      In my analysis I want to count all the objectIDs which have existing(non 0 or not null) values in all 3 other fields. So in the case above,

      Count(ObjectID) in Qliksense expression would give me an answer 5 while i am only expecting 2 as the answer.

      To be a bit more clear, I only intend to count ObjectIDs A03350 and A03351 since the rest of the ObjectIDs have missing values in either LocationID, Date, or Type.


      What is the best way to go about doing this?


      Thanks folks.