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    Ignore a filter on set analisis

    Felipe Andrade



      I have a chart that has various values by month. and I have a table that outputs the sum of everything. So I want to use a Month filter that affects the table without losing the chart data.


      here is my equation:

      =if(WildMatch(  [DRE.Competência]  ,'*2018*'),{<  [DRE.Competência]  =>}  [DRE.Competência]  )


      this field is the dimension on the chart that refers to the Month. This equation gives me an error. So this is what i am using right now:

      =if(WildMatch(  [DRE.Competência]  ,'*2018*'),   [DRE.Competência]  )


      I want this field to not change even with a filter for it.


      Thanks in advance!