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    Waterfall charts with metrics created using expressions

    Pankaj Sharma

      Hi All,


      I am trying to create a waterfall chart for sales data.

      The reasons/restrictions resulting in sales drop are listed in a column called "Restrictions" and it also has the total sales and actual sales after deducting each restriction value from sales.


      This table is created using ETL flow and all business rules have been taken into account for fetching the values into these columns.


      the structure looks like:


      Product     Restriction     Metric

      A               total               100

      A               expenses        30

      A               taxes               20

      A                actual              50


      Now,I am creating metrics in waterfall chart by manually adding expressions like



      Now, in future if a new restriction say abc comes due to which sales have been dropped, that won't be automatically refreshed in the report. We would need to manually add it.


      Is there any way to make the expression dynamic in Qliksense so that new restrictions are added and made dynamic insted of hard coding it?