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    Load* inline for beginners

    Andreas Jensen


      I'm working with a dataset containing a bunch of accounts from various companies. Now I want to make a dimension for the years comming, why I call it 'Future years'. For this reason I'm trying use Load* inline.

      This is some of my original dataset:


      I want to make a forecast of FY 2019, FY 2020, FY 2021 and so on and it has to be dynamic, that's I use max([FiscalYear]) to find the latest accounting year. I'm using the following Load* inline code, but it's not working well. Any ideas how to fix this?

      "Future Development":

      Load * Inline [

      Year, FutureYears

      2019, max([FiscalYear])+1

      2020, max([FiscalYear])+2

      2021, max([FiscalYear])+3


      Thanks in advance