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    Loading files with wildcard leads to non-concatenated tables?

    Dirk Fischer

      Hi Experts,


      I found a strange effect, where I would like to understand the reasons and hope, somebody can enlighten me.


      In the load script of my application, I load a number of files by using a Wildcard in the path to the files


            Let vPathToQvd = Peek('FOLDER',-1,'TMP_PATH_TO_FOLDER') & '/BNDAT/' & '$(vIdOrder)' & '_BNDAT*.QVD';





            From [$(vPathToQvd)]



      Normally this works very well, imports all data into the same table and is very efficient (which is important, because the files are very big). Now I found, that it may happen, that QlikSense creates suddenly a table TMP_BNDAT1 and TMP_BNDAT2 instead of concatenating the data into my table TMP_BNDAT.


      Does anybody know, why this might happen (e.g. structure of the table is different and then the system does not concatenate)?

      I would like to understand the reason for this behaviour, because this leads to data not being loaded correctly and my application does not get all required data. And it's easier to decide on a work-around, if you understand the reason, why it's happening.


      Thank you very much for your help.


      Best regards