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    One Dimension with multiple conditions

    Whiteside Kleinbreuer

      Hello Together,


      I am at a Dead End.


      Please refer to the pic below.


      I have one Element (in this case Shipment No) with Multiple "textcode keys".  You can see that by the Sum I do there (for columns right after the shipment no).


      I have troubles to identify if one has more then one. You see in the picutre below i use in row

      3 = IF((([Textcode key]='T98' )) ,'YES', 'NO')  --> And it Works

      4 = = IF((([Textcode key]='T99' )) ,'YES', 'NO')  --> And it works


      so now I tried in 1 and 2 to combine them without success.

      First I tried 2 = IF((([Textcode key]='T99')  and ([Textcode key]='T98' )) ,'YES', 'NO')  --> doesn't work, always says no

      and then 1 = MaxString( If(([Textcode key] =('T98') AND [Textcode key] =('T99'))  ,Dual('YES', 2),   Dual('no', 1)))

      --> doesn't work, always says no


      I expected to get "YES" in 1 or 2 but I always get "no".




      Ideally I would delete 1 till 4 and have just one dimension that says yes if one or more Textcodes are found. All I need is some variaton of formular 1 or that somehow reflects the combination of 3 AND 4.


      I hope you guys understand my needs.


      best regards