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    Help with RangeSum and Above in Chart

    mike lees

      I been asked to produce a chart that shows a cumulative count of the pieces of equipment we have installed by Month.


      I have managed to do this by using the RangeSum , above and aggr functions.


      Here is my code



      RangeSum(Above( sum({$<

      [Instance Summary - Install Date Num]={"<=$(vtoday)"}

      ,[Instance -  Date Calendar Year Period]=

      ,[Instance - Status]-={'Not Installed','Replaced','Uninstalled','Terminated'}

      ,[Instance - Serial Number Flag]={'Y'}

      , [Instance - Install Date Flag]={'Y'}

      ,[Location / Customer Type]={'Installed At'}

      ,[Instance - Include Flag]={'Y'}

      >} [Instance Summary - Count]), 0, RowNo())), [Instance -  Date Calendar Year Period]))



      It works great however the chart by default without fiters shows the first install period which is 1999 resulting in displaying 235 columns!!


      What they want is to have a cumulative total by back to 1999 but only display the last 12 columns ( ie 12 months)


      Current (just showing from 2014)


      They want to display without filters needing to be selected ( back 12 months from today so 2017 - 10 - Oct)





      Any ideas?