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    please help me out to draw a map

    河津 真子

      To whom it may concern,


      I have three questions on mapping.  Your advice is highly appreciated.



      I would like to add population data on the map.  I only have point and area layers by prefecture and its capital locations, which do not match the data I have.  Are there any ways I can add more detailed geographical information like cities and wards?



      Size of the bubbles on the map are not changed even after dragging the item which contains data on the map.  Please advise me how to draw a bubble according to the size of the data.



      How can I pull up/down the map?  I want to zoom in one part of the following map.  I could enlarge it with control key but could not zoom in/out freely by the latitude/longitude where I want.


      Thank you very much for your help indeed.




      In the second column from the right, I changed the data types from standard setting to geographical data.