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    help on below requirment?

    daisy ch



      I have table with below fields.








      The above table date field is there using that date field split into previous date and current date.


      my requirement is when user select previous and current dates in dashboard count the RiskID.


      Condition is risked not available in previous date and it is available in current date than count the RISKID.


      how to write the script back end level as well as front end level.


      please share the script.



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          omar bensalem

          Please try to put some effort into your questions; elaborate; attach some data with 4 5 lines of what u have and describe the desired output based on what u attach.

          Create a table of the input and a table of the output; u can so easily do this.


          Ur question has not been answered yet and the reason why? Everybody is too busy to try to answer an unclear question.

          We do love to help qlikers, but we still have missions and jobs in parallel; time is money... so please, make ur questions clearer to facilitate our comprehension and thus have as many responses as you wish.

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            Angel Tomov

            Hello, One way is to create 2 excel files both having only dates inside them formatted like your date field .. Like

            01-02-2017 etc.

            But the files must have all dates for the years that you want to use.

            The first excel file your field will be named DATE1

            and the second excel file, the field will be DATE2


            and then you create an expression like



            Count(if Date>DATE1 and Date<DATE2,RiskID)




            or you want something else?

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                daisy ch

                Hi Angel thanks for your reply.


                I have only one excel data and only one date field.in that date field user select any two dates and compare those two dates one is previous date and other one is current date .what are the risk ID not available in previous date and available in current date than count the Risk ID.







                12-jun-2018 like that.


                if user select 16-feb-2018 and 12-jun -2018 compare those two dates it means

                16-feb-2018 date RiskID not available and 12-jun-2018 RiskID available count the that RIskIDs.