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    Use another column data inside a expression

    Cornel Rusu

      Hi, I try without succes to insert into an expression data calculated from another expression:


      Here is my initial expression that is working fine:

      Sum( {$<DATATRAN.autoCalendar.Date = {">=$(=Min(Date( today(0) - 40 ,'MM/DD/YYYY')))<=$(=Max(today(0)))"},[NRSHOP]={5} >} [VANZARI_OPERATIONALE.CANTITATE])

      I am trying to change the fix number marked with red from above with a dynamically calculated number that is stored in another column: Column(3), so the expression should be:


      This version of the above expression doesnt work:

      Sum( {$<DATATRAN.autoCalendar.Date = {">=$(=Min(Date( today(0) - Column(3),'MM/DD/YYYY')))<=$(=Max(today(0)))"},[NRSHOP]={5} >} [VANZARI_OPERATIONALE.CANTITATE])

      Column 3 has this expression that calculate the number, that is different for each record so this is why I cant use a fixed number:

      Num(today(0) - FirstSortedValue({$<[RECEPTII.NRSHOP]={5}>}[RECEPTII.DATANIR], -[RECEPTII.DATANIR]))

      Any idee how to make this work?