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    How to connect Google maps with Qlik map

    Muhammad Saad Farooq

      Hello Qlik Community,

      I am working on data regarding Fault occurrences in multiple cities trying to insert them on geographic map. I have the city available in separate column using which I have mapped the cities and the darkness of color shows the count of faults occurring. Now I want to take it to next level and map the areas in a particular city with respect to fault occurrences. The address is searchable in Google maps and provides a pinpoint location. Kindly guide me how can I use this address field and mark the points on map using addresses.Address.PNG

      Following are the results from Google maps first 3 addresses visible in the above data.

      3M address.PNG

      Lahore address.PNG

      Tasneem Plaza address.PNG


      My map on Qlik is shown below with cities and I want to create Area layer using above process of identifying the addresses just like Google map.


      map layer.PNG

      The below map shows the areas of one of the cities with Maximum counts which I need to work on