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    Help need to apply front end logic in backend.

    Mahitha M

      Hi Experts,


      Can any one please help me on below requirement.

      I have build the Table 1 with the actual amount in the source like below =Sum({<Group={'Sales Group'}>}Amount)


      In table 2 I have applied the below logic. It works like each ID wise Current month + Previous month sum need to show instead of actual amount from source.

      RangeSum( Before(TOTAL Sum({<Group={'Sales Group'}>}Amount),0,ColumnNo(TOTAL)))


      But I have to apply the above range sum logic in the backend instead of front end. after applying above logic in backend Amount column has to show current month+Previous month amount instead of actual amount.


      Please help me on this. Please find the below attached sample app and data source.


      Thanks in advance.