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    help needed with QS join

    Amir Mohamed

      Hi All,


      I need help with a thing.


      I have 3 tables


      Calendar   365 dates


      Stock    50 products


      Sales  30 products    and 40 dates




      Calendar is linked to sales based on sales_date and Sales is linked to Stock based on Product_code, they are linked based on same Alias (field names)


      My problem is

      I have products that are in Stock table that doesn't show their data as there are only 30 products with data on Sales as there's a link between them.



      Load *, date as sales_date



      Load *, product as product_code



      Load *, code as product_code,

      invoice_date as sales_dat



      even though that Stock has more products data but because sales has less products field product_code only shows the products that both of tables has,


      But i want to show the 20 more products that does are not in Sales but exist in Stock


      Would you please be able to help?


      Many thanks,