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    Section Access - Two fields for access...

    Alex Tomlins

      Hi Qlik boys and girls,


      I am having issues we have been using section access to limit partners by product. So only certain usernames will see data for certain products. This is on QlikSense btw.


      Now however i need to create a version where we also limit on MNC - A Mobile Network Carrier Code.....


      I have done as suggested in other forums and create a compound key but the problem is that anytime there is a new product on a new carrier or a new carrier on a new product i will have to update the security access XML. This happens about 5 times a week.


      I was hoping that there would be a wildcard functionality i could use on the section access spreadsheet ...so username has access to anything beginning in abc- or anything ending in -123.


      Can anyone help me here? Otherwise i will have to create multiple applications and run double the tasks