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    How to automatically select all possible values of a field?

    Angel Tomov

      Hello guys,


      I have come across the following problem.


      I need to be able to :
      when a specific value in field1 is selected,

      all possible selections in field2 to be automatically selected.  (this can be with a button, or an expression )


      I have seen this extension by Stefan Walther,






      And I can see that, there is an Action, which selects all possible values, but when I install the latest version of the extension, I can see only this :




      I have downloaded from the /build directory, only the Latest extension, so Am I doing something wrong?


      Or does, somebody know a way to make this work differently?


      IN QV I have used triggers on field action with Concat(field1,';')...



      Any answers will be considered highly helpfull.. !!


      Thanks in advance