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    Qlik Sense Desktop hanging during custom relationship setup

    Domenico Ferrara



      we're giving Qlik Sense Desktop a go, and we're experiencing issues in the very first steps of data gathering from a MySQL server.

      Specifically, when manually setting up a relationship, the loading circle shows up but gets stuck almost immediately, and never progresses further. We don't see any high CPU usage or network activity; it'd look like it just hang. This happens with several databases and tables, ultimately preventing us from trying the product. We've also tried debugging via log files, after having set a higher logging level following the official guide (https://help.qlik.com/en-US/connectors/Subsystems/ODBC_connector_help/Content/ODBC-log-information.htm), but no useful information came up. What could be the culprit, and how can we get further info on why it's hanging? Thank you!



      Screenshot at 2018-09-03 10-53-21.png