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    How to address chart's dimension in the expression (set analysis)

    Sergii Karandin

      Hi everyone,

      so there's the issue I've been struggling with (so would appreciate any help)


      I have such expression in a bar chart:

      Dimension: buyer_name

      Expression: sum({<buyer_name={"=count(trans_id)>=10"}>}trans_value)

      Which basically shows the sum of trans_value but only for buyers with no less than 10 transaction.


      Then I need to implement this solutions to another two charts:

      1) Has alternative dimensions (main is Date, alternative is Month and Year)

      2) Has drill down (product category)


      Is there any syntax to not address dimension in set analysis directly, but rather point to a current chart Dimension (something like when Color by Dimension is selected and "Dimension 1" can be used as the field)?

      Somewhat like sum({<$Dimension1={"=count(trans_id)>=10"}>}trans_value)


      Or maybe there's a function which will return the current chart dimension?


      Thanks in advance