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    Bad name field on division expression

    Maria Fernanda Lollato

      Dear All,


      I am new on qlik and trying to create a %KPI I am struggling with bad name error. I two fields (columns on original excel table):

      Fields: [ACT atBGTYTD 2018] and [BGT YTD 2018]


      I have already created other KPIs calculating the sum of each field, separately, and it works.


      However, when I try to set a KPI showing the percentage of ACT out of BGT figures, it returns bad name error. It starts when I insert the operator "/" to divide the two previous expressions.


      Expression is: (sum([ACT atBUD YTD 2018])/sum([BGT YTD 2018]))/100

      The error is: Bad Field name: [BGT YTD 2018]


      ** Additional information:

      1. If I make the same division by a random number it works well. Ex. (sum([ACT atBUD YTD 2018])/2500)/100

      2. If change the order of fields on expression, the error also changes. Ex. (sum([BGT YTD 2018]))/sum([ACT atBUD YTD 2018]))/100 - Erro changes to: Bad Field name: [ACT atBUD YTD 2018]

      If anyone has an idea of what is happening, please help me!!

      Thanks in advance!