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    Add subtotal to table

    Shirley Kwan



      I have created a simple pivot table with 2 dimensions and with their sub-total and grand total in QS. However, my client doesn't like the total to be on the top. Thus, I am trying to build a straight table with the same information displays.


      Below is the example for your reference:

      Source table:

      Category     Sub-Category     Item     Sales

      CatA          SubCat1               A          $100

      CatA          SubCat1               B          $50

      CatA          SubCat2               C          $80

      CatA          SubCat2               C          $200

      CatB          SubCat3               D          $400

      CatB          SubCat4               E          $600


      Result table:

      Category     Sales

      SubCat1      $150

      SubCat2      $280

      CatA Total   $430

      SubCat3      $400

      SubCat4      $600

      CatB Total    $1000

      Grand Total   $1430


      Rather than pre-calculate the sub-total in script, may i know if it is possible to do it on UI?

      Thanks in advance!