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    Qlik Sense Function

    Andrew Ehsaei

      I am working on a function which calculates the total unique count of account_numbers, by attribute and date.

      This total must remain consistent when applying a dashboard selection/filter on year and attribute.

      I've tried using the {1} parameter to ignore selection/filters, but it's not working as expected.


      I've tried:


      COUNT( {1} TOTAL <date> DISTINCT account_number)


      I've also tried:


      COUNT( {1} TOTAL <attribute, date> DISTINCT account_number)


      The {1} disregards the attribute and date parameters within <> and does a total count of distinct account_numbers.


      Does anyone know how I can get a static total distinct count of account_number, by attribute and date?



        • Re: Qlik Sense Function
          Lisa Phillips

          How are you trying to show this Count ?


          The combination of {1} and TOTAL can also be achieved with the ALL qualifier.  If you need to show dimensionality in a table or chart, then just use the {1} to ignore selections only.

          Also the syntax should be:

          COUNT( {1}  DISTINCT account_number) or COUNT( ALL account_number)

          If you want to only ignore selections on attribute and date, you can remove them from selections:

          COUNT({$<attribute=, date=, year=>}DISTINCT account_number)