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    Connect to Sense server from local machine

    John Gouws

      Good morning.

      I have a operational Sense server 2018 Apr version which has been running perfectly. I can normally connect without any issue from my local machine to the HUB and QMC using https://SERVERNAME/hub or https://SERVERNAME/qmc.


      However, since yesterday I receive an "

      404 - File or directory not found

      " error when connecting from my local.


      I have verified all the ports are still open. I have restarted the Qlik services and I have also restarted the server. All the services are running. I can ping the IP address from my local machine. I have temporarily turned off the firewall to see if there was maybe an issue there. There have been no changes made to the server environment for at least a month.


      When I am logged onto the server itself, both QMC and the HUB operate as normal. I am a bit stumped as to why a working environment suddenly will have an issue.


      I would really appreciate any advise as to where to look to try and resolve this. Thank you in advance.