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    100% Stacked Bar Chart with Grouped Dimensions

    Janice Yip

      Hi All,


      I am very new to Qlik Sense and is now trying to produce a 100% stacked bar chart for a survey analysis.


      By searching information from the internet, I am able to produce a 100% stacked bar chart with 1 dimension 'Classification' over dimension 'Q1 Response' (see below):


      Qlik 1.png


      The expression I used in my measure is:

      Count([Q1 Response]) / Count(TOTAL <Classification> [Q1 Response])

      Now, I want to do dimension grouping, for the Classification used as dimensions, I want to group 'IPOS' with 'NB - IPOS' and give a new name as 'iPOS'; then group 'MCV' with 'PRC' and name this group as 'MCV', for the rest, name the remaining group as 'Paper'. I would like to show the new group name on left hand side (y-axis) while allowing the user to drill down to see the original grouping if they like.

      I tried to create new variable by following expression:

      =if(match(Classification,'NB - IPOS','IPOS'),'iPOS',if(match(Classification,'MCV','PRC'),'MCV','Paper'))

      and is able to use this new dimension to group the data, but the chart is no longer a 100% stacked bar chart even though I set it to be stacked.


      Can any one help me out here? What should be the expression for the measures or dimension?? Thanks in advance!!!