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    Is there Section Access in Qlik Sense Cloud?

    Shahbaz Khan Mohammed


      I wrote my Section Access code in Qlik Sense Cloud but it doesn't work...

      The app opens blank.

      Same code works in Enterprise...

      Do we have SA in Cloud?

      even though we have different user id on Cloud... QLIKCLOUD\qlikid_OURUSERNAME

      but I'm not sure if I should add or remove sa_scheduler account to my script?

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          Anton van Keep

          Hi Shahbaz Khan Mohammed,


          it isn't supported:



          Managing security with section access

          You can use section access in the data load script to handle security. In this way, a single file can be used to hold the data for a number of users or user groups. Qlik Sense uses the information in the section access for authentication and authorization, and dynamically reduces the data, so that users only see their own data. 

          The security is built into the file itself, which means a downloaded file is also protected, to some extent. However, if security demands are high, downloading of files and offline use should be prevented, and files should be published by the Qlik Sense server only. As all data is kept in one file, the size of this file can potentially be very large.

          Qlik Sense Cloud does not support section access.

          To avoid exposing restricted data, remove all attached files with section access settings before publishing the app.

          Attached files are included when the app is published. If the published app is copied, the attached files are included in the copy. However, if section access restrictions have been applied to the attached data files, the section access settings are not retained when the files are copied, so users of the copied app will be able to see all the data in the attached files.

          A snapshot shows data according to the access rights of the user who takes the snapshot, and the snapshot can then be shared in a story. However, when users return to a visualization from a story to see the live data in the app, they are restricted by their own access rights.

          You must not assign colors to master dimension values if you use section access or work with sensitive data because the values may be exposed.